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If there is one thing I hated about being on the Development and Membership committee of the OTW, which I was for two years (and loved! it was awesome, [personal profile] rbarenblat!), it was writing posts for the biannual membership/donation drives. I am (a) not particularly good at writing nonfiction, (b) not good at all at writing creative nonfiction, and (c) not good in the least at writing creative nonfiction quickly. I was always so busy, you know, putting the drive together that I would forget to write my meta to support the drive until the last minute. And it would make me crazy for three days and I would inevitably be dissatisfied with what I posted — because I love OTW! why can't I talk about why I love OTW?

Never again! We just had our 2010 membership drive, and despite the fact that [personal profile] allisonmorris and her awesome DevMem team were actually in charge of it this year, I still was flailing about a post to encourage people to join. So here is the beginning of a list, for my own reference, and other people's possible use, of things I could talk about in future drive posts.

  1. The Columbia University Science Fiction Society and the near-annual meeting I run about OTW, and how both the presentation and people's reactions have changed since 2008.

  2. Linking to stories in languages other-than-English.

  3. A revised (abridged?) version of the IP law on the internet essay I need to finish by the end of the semester.

  4. "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love" and the fact that the Carver story is one of my least favorites ever (honestly, I can't stand that entire generation of American literature, for a variety of boring and personal reasons), but the title is one of those phrases that resonates deep in my chest (did you know that there's no copyright on titles? it's an interesting wrinkle in IP law).

  5. How I first discovered one of my favorite books because I was rummaging through the LJ of my Yuletide recipient.

  6. About the way that fandom has given me permission, or absolution, whatever, for still loving kids' fantasy and YA novels; I own my love for Meg Cabot these days, and will defend my collection of Susan Cooper and Mary Stewart and Gordon Korman novels without embarrassment (love is never wrong. it is merely inconvenient.)
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