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One thing that keeps amazing me is how many moving parts are in OTW, and how many of them need to be coordinated at a given moment. Like, tonight — we're deploying almost 200 code changes, which means we need to send out release notes, once we've made sure that the Archive FAQs and Known Issues are up-to-date, and one of those code changes is a TOS update, which means we need to post a separate blog entry about the TOS change for public comment, and we have a post that explains the impact of the TOS change for users, and a good number of those code changes (200 of them in one release; as [personal profile] elz said in chat, "no wonder we're all half-dead!") are related to Collections & Challenges, which is ALMOST finished for Yuletide (omg [personal profile] astolat is so amazing; she has literally been coding twelve and fourteen hours a day to get this done), so the Yuletide mods are making sure that information is getting out on their end, and there are probably half a dozen people making all of this happen!

It is awesome.

We're making things happen. And I just keep watching in wonder, as stuff grows and becomes real and beautiful, and I keep chipping away at my little corner, and [personal profile] zooey_glass keeps doing mysterious things over there, and [personal profile] general_jinjur wrangulates, and there are so many moving parts, and people working so hard on their piece that sometimes I think we forget how big this is. The org-wide meetings have been a huge help in giving staff that perspective, I think, and I'm so glad of that, because this is so much bigger than any one person, so much bigger than the Board of Directors, so much bigger than the committees. And even the Archive of Our Own, our flagship project, isn't everything that we do; there's Fanlore and Transformative Works and Cultures and the legal advocacy and the preservation of our history, and maybe it's a good thing that I don't, can't, pay attention to everything we do all the time, because I'm getting all verklempt now that I realize what a huge thing this is and how important and how much we have already and what we're about to do, and oh, man, I should go to bed before I start blubbering all over the OTW staff and volunteers and the Yuletide mods and our wonderful users and basically the entire Internet.
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